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When it comes to finding a criminal lawyers in York, PA there are plenty of options. However, if you want a criminal lawyer that many consider to be the best, you are where you need to be –welcome to Ferro Law Firm.

We are here to offer our skills in criminal law since the unthinkable has happened – you or a loved one are facing a serious criminal accusation. It is a terrifying experience to know that a conviction of a criminal offense – whether a misdemeanor or a felony – may end up resulting in prison time.

Being found guilty of a criminal offense is a devastating experience that can send a ripple effect through an entire family and impact a defendant for life – financially, emotionally, and relationally. At Ferro Law Firm, we represent those in York, PA and the surrounding communities. We are accomplished criminal lawyers who, time and time again, have proven our success with challenging prosecutors in a myriad of misdemeanor and felony cases.

In a nutshell, it is the job of the prosecutor to ensure the conviction of an accused. On the other hand, as criminal lawyers, it is our job to thoughtfully craft strong defense arguments for our York, PA clients and work towards obtaining dismissals or lesser charges by negotiating with the prosecuting attorneys.

Think Long and Hard About Representing Yourself

The legal arena is very complex. It can also be very unforgiving for anyone who tries to represent themselves in their criminal case. Prosecuting attorneys are sharp, astute, and determined, and they have no obligation to show mercy for the self-represented. When defendants bypass the sound guidance, insight, and knowledge of skilled criminal lawyers, they can put their entire futures at risk.

Most prosecutors hold themselves to an established standard of ethics, but if an unscrupulous prosecutor were to abuse his or her power and commit prosecutorial misconduct, would a self-represented defendant be aware of it? Probably not. If a prosecutor used illegal methods to obtain evidence against the accused, would the defendant be aware of it? Probably not. If a prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence that might benefit the defendant’s case, would the defendant ever know? Probably not.

A former Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit has gone on record and stated that prosecutorial misconduct is not, at all, uncommon. A shocking number of wrongful convictions have come about due to some form of official misconduct, including the failure of prosecutors to provide critical evidence that would provide reasonable doubt concerning criminal-accusation cases.

The bottom line is simple: don’t risk your freedom and your future to chance. The criminal lawyers at Ferro Law Firm are fully prepared to protect your rights, and if any unethical prosecutorial maneuverings were to happen, we would be there to uncover them.

The Best Criminal Lawyers = The Best Criminal Defense

At Ferro Law Firm, it’s all about achieving the best possible outcome for every York, PA client we represent.  We are former prosecutors and fierce litigators.  We offer strategic advantages for our clients.  We aggressively defend against misdemeanor and felony charges at the state and federal levels.  As seasoned, no-nonsense criminal lawyers, we offer a wealth of knowledge, experience, and results-driven defense campaigns when dealing with:

Drug Offenses

Drug crimes encompass several types of criminal drug activity – from possession, distribution, and manufacturing to trafficking and other offenses.  As criminal lawyers, we utilize success-proven strategies to defend against drug offenses of all types.  We are often advocates of drug treatment as opposed to incarceration.  Please call our team to discuss your legal options.

Theft & Property Crimes

When it comes to theft and property crimes, there are many types. A few include Theft by Unlawful Taking, Theft by Deception, and Receiving Stolen Property.

As criminal lawyers, we have helped reduce or dismiss certain types of theft charges via plea negotiations and Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, or ARD.  With ARD, the prompt disposition of charges can eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming trials and other court proceedings.

If you or a loved one are facing a theft & property crime charge that involves retail theft, burglary, access-device fraud (using someone’s credit/debit card/account information to make a purchase without permission), or forgery, contact our legal team immediately.

When the right circumstances are in play, we are here to pursue dismissal of charges, challenging evidence, or resolving your case without imprisonment and possibly without a criminal conviction.  As criminal lawyers, we know the defenses and use them to our client’s advantage.

Assault and Violent Crimes

Assault and violent crimes cover aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, recklessly endangering another person, and strangulation- to name a few.  Certain assault charges dealing with domestic violence carry stiffer penalties due to a law put in place by state lawmakers recently. With strangulation, for example, the new statute makes it a felony to choke a domestic partner or family member, resulting in more severe consequences.

It is no longer required to prove that there was physical injury.  Punishment can result in significant periods of incarceration and serious fines.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Firearms and Weapons

A person convicted of a gun charge in Pennsylvania may face a lengthy prison sentence.  You might be facing a ‘Possession of a Firearm Not Entitled to Possess One’, ‘Possession of a Firearm by a Minor’, or other firearms and weapons charges.

The good news –there are numerous defenses to these types of charges that can be litigated, both before and during the trial.  We are here to discuss your case.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can range from rape, sexual assault, and corruption of minors to unlawful contact with a minor, endangering the welfare of children, and other offenses.  Most sex crimes in Pennsylvania come with severe penalties, including incarceration.  At times, we are able to negotiate a favorable disposition, pursuing an acquittal or a dismissal.  Please call our law firm – we will address your options.

White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes cover a long list of offenses – from various types of fraud and bribery to embezzlement, computer crimes, forgery, and more.  Our law firm has decades of experience with these types of offenses, in both state and federal courts.

An effective white-collar crime defense is only as good as the criminal lawyers building it.  When we are brought on board with a criminal investigation during its early stages, we thoroughly investigate the facts of the case and utilize strategies designed to garner the best possible outcome.

Our legal team has handled a myriad of white-collar criminal offenses that include wire fraud, money laundering, drug offenses, criminal tax investigations, prescription fraud, and much more.

Traffic Offenses

When convicted of traffic offenses, there are a host of possible consequences, including prolonged incarceration.  Offenses can include driving under suspension, underage drinking, speeding, and more.  It is not uncommon for a criminal lawyer to obtain a dismissal of the charge or a reduction of the offense, so the motorist has fewer points or a lesser fine.  Ferro Law Firm has years of experience helping those in York, PA deal with an array of vehicle violations.


Many people are not aware that a misdemeanor can remain on their record for life – unless they can successfully petition for an expungement.  Without the expungement of a listed crime on one’s record, applying for a job, seeking a rental property, and other everyday pursuits can be severely compromised—all because their background history lists a past offense.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however.  As criminal lawyers, we are highly familiar with the legal steps that can be taken, at times, to erase criminal history blemishes.  Please contact our legal team.  If it is possible to expunge or seal your criminal report, we will use every resource to help you!

Juvenile Crimes & Offenses

In Pennsylvania, a person under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile.  Children, unfortunately, commit juvenile crimes and offenses far too often.  If your child made a mistake and committed a crime or was somehow involved in a crime and is now being charged, you want the best criminal lawyers York, PA has to offer!

From charges that relate to assault and drug offenses to DUIs and underage drinking, life can suddenly become filled with anxiety and sleepless nights.  Our criminal lawyers possess a commanding grasp of available legal options which can often reduce penalties, and in other situations, lead to cases being dismissed.  Though this does not apply in every situation, a criminal lawyer from our team can discuss what legal options might be available in your child’s particular circumstances.  Give us a call right now!

DUI Offenses

Though a DUI is technically a traffic violation, DUI offenses stand alone in the criminal offense category.  DUI arrests become a matter of public record, and as a result, this type of charge can generate real-life consequences – from being denied employment to being subjected to sky-high interest rates or insurance premiums, bad publicity, and more.

Being convicted of a DUI can mean jail time, hefty fines that can run into thousands of dollars, and license suspension.  Charged with a DUI? You need a team of seasoned criminal lawyers who can help!

Our team has been successful with DUI arrests not leading to DUI convictions – this is critically important.  Our criminal lawyers in York can formulate a viable defense when certain circumstances come into play.  Take for example, blood results. They can many times be questioned due to numerous issues, including consent, timeliness, or the failure to follow proper procedures.  Blood tests also have a scientific margin of error, which can result in misleading or questionable results.

Our York, PA clients rely on our criminal defense attorney team whose passion and pursuit for justice can mean the difference between years in prison vs. little or no jail time, at all.  Our clients have assurance and hope, knowing they have powerhouse criminal lawyers to defend their rights!

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